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Emergencies occur in the medical field constantly, so it’s important for healthcare professionals to educate themselves in every way possible in order to make sure they’re always handled properly. A great way to educate yourself is to read books on emergency medicine, as it can be good to read what different professionals in the field have to say about the subject. Here are a few great books to check out if you’re looking to learn more about emergency medicine.

Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine

Sometimes described as the “Bible” of emergency medicine, Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine is considered one of the best books on the subject. No single book can hold every piece of information you might need in the field, but this book comes close with looks into situations for those in pediatrics, those in adult medicine, and other specialties as well. The text covers all sorts of situations that are typically seen in the ER but also includes instances that aren’t as common, such as substance abuse or domestic violence. The latest edition includes updates to each section and incorporates the latest guidelines and research.

Rosen’s Emergency Medicine: Concepts and Clinical Practice

Rosen’s Emergency Medicine has set the standard for reliable and accessible information since 1983. Rosen’s is full of presentations and colour illustrations that provide a quick and easy guide as well as illustrating real-life appearances of patients in different emergency situations so you can arrive at the correct diagnosis as quickly as possible. With the current edition being divided into two volumes, this is not a book for someone looking to only learn the basics of emergency medicine. It even includes online content in the form of over 1,200 questions and answers, as well as video clips on how to best perform important procedures.

CURRENT Diagnosis and Treatment Emergency Medicine

If you’re looking to read something not as thick as the other books mentioned here but still want something that goes in-depth with emergency medicine, you likely want to check out Current. The text holds the latest breakthroughs in emergency medicine, along with plenty of great illustrations that help make some of the more complex concepts easier to grasp. The information is presented in a priority-based and problem-oriented organization and includes all aspects of emergency medicine. There are even algorithms and flow charts featured in the book in order for methodical but quick decision making.

Pocket Emergency Medicine

While the other options in this list are much larger, more in-depth books on emergency medicine, this one is much more bite-sized. Pocket Emergency Medicine is full of concise and easy-to-navigate lessons focusing on various emergency presentations and how to approach them properly. Emergencies relating to the different organ systems as well as those for psychiatric disorders, drug abuse, trauma and so much more are included in this text and all in less than 350 pages.